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History of Institution

Nesibe Aydın Educational Institutions were established in 1984 by two educators, Nesibe Aydın and Hüsamettin Aydın. Our founders, Turkey's high quality works with qualified educational publishing firm that prepared the foundations of Aydin Publishing have taken in those years.

Aydın Publishing continuously preserves its position in the sector and its success with quality books approved by Ministry of National Education and produced by the Ministry of National Education. Aydın Publications' textbooks approved by MoNE are appreciated by teachers as a winning book at primary and secondary schools. Our publisher continues to produce quality and technology compatible works in all classes and in all courses, in line with the curriculum.

Our Founders were among the most successful and stable classrooms of Ankara in 1997; Nesibe Aydın Dershanesi'nin have been active. Since the year it was founded, the students who have achieved the highest level of success and have gained the confidence of the parents and students with the results of the university exams, have taken place in the minds as a teaching base. Nesibe Aydin classroom, and every year university student achievement as well move collectively in preparation for the exams for high school as well, 80% of students scored placing high places has broken the record for Turkey. Since 2015-2016 education and training year, "Nesibe Aydin Dershanesi", "Nesibe Aydın Yıldızlar Lisesi" under the name of the school has been transformed into academic and educational activities are continuing. Nesibe Aydin Yıldızlar Lisesi makes an exam every February for the records of the students of the next year and announces that it will close the records of the following year at the beginning of March and continues the success tradition inherited from the lesson.

Nesibe Aydin Gölbaşı Campus, where 25 years of experience is transferred by Nesibe Aydın Education Institutions, is a source of honor for our institution. In 2000, project studies were started in this training facility where construction of land was completed and zoning studies started.Construction activities began in 2004, following an intensive project work with experts. In September 2008, the campus was introduced in the academic, physical structure equipped with the latest technological facilities, with falling off the area and green space per student has achieved a first in Turkey. Nesibe Aydın Gölbaşı Campus provides education at world standards with its teaching staff, educational materials, success-oriented curriculum and competitive structure.

Nesibe Aydin Educational Institutions were active in 2011, Çanakkale and Ümitköy Schools in 2012, Konya and Antalya Schools in 2016, respectively. In 2018, Kocaeli and Mersin Schools will be active.

We are our founders. Nesibe Aydın has given our institution its name to create an institution that "is as trustworthy as its name." the slightest harm to the quality of these institutions, such as the future of its own name, it will harm the future of modern Turkey. The hundreds of thousands of students and teachers who make use of our works, the tens of thousands of students and families we teach in our classrooms, are our greatest references. Nesibe Aydın Educational Institutions are not a partner in Turkey and abroad but a family company, all of which are owned solely by their founders. The official name of the company, "Aydın Yayıncılık ve Eğitim Hizmetleri AŞ", is the partnership structure of the company in the trade registry gazette numbered 7470.

The success of Nesibe Aydın Education Institutions is due to its strong financial structure and business ethics. The long term goal is to become the institution providing the best educational services company in Turkey. It is committed to reaching its goals and exceeding its goals with the support of its students, parents and publishing customers. Nesibe Aydin's medium-term goal of having Turkey's international nature is to continue permanently raising the most successful students.

Nesibe Aydin Educational Institutions have shared their great responsibilities with their employees since its establishment and have achieved success with a high level of solidarity, devotion and team spirit beyond the classical patterns like ast-superior, worker-employer. In our institution, which is a family business, every worker is seen as a member of the family, and joys, sorrows, successes, mistakes are common.

Vocational training activities in Nesibe Aydın, personal development and quality studies are like the usual flow of life. Our institution makes the biggest investment for its employees and keeps their development and motivation above everything. Nesibe Aydin employees and their students have been awarded with many national or international accolades by public and private organizations.Apart from the general services carried out by our institution, it also organizes various activities for the benefit of the environment and society and supports some activities.