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About High Schools From the Head Master / Our Founder Representative


Dear Parents,

Our school was first established as “Nesibe Aydın Dershanesi” (University Preparation Center) in 1998.  After a committed and successful service of 17 years, it was transformed into the Nesibe Aydın Yıldızlar High School in 2015, due to a nationwide Education Act of Turkish Parliament.  Since then, Nesibe Aydın Yıldızlar High School has been continuing to realize the dreams of our students.

You have entrusted your children, your most precious beings, to our school. We, as Nesibe Aydın teachers, are doing our best to substantially promote cognitive, social, affective, psychomotor and linguistic growth of our students and to ensure that our students will be the pioneers who assume the responsibility of a better tomorrow for the Turkish Nation.

Dear Students,

We will never quit guiding you on the way to a better future.


We have no doubt that, by strictly adhering to the adage “ She/He who loves her/his nation the most is the one who does her/his duty the best”, you will work hard and carry out the duties that will be given to you in the best possible way.

Never be afraid to make mistakes. Try to stand up again even if you fall a hundred times.  

Never lose your honour, courage and hope under any circumstances.

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Never give up your goals and never surrender to evil.

Remember that your first duty as the youth of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is to work hard for the freedom and welfare of the Turkish Nation.

First of all, do your best to take our country to the same level as the most civilized countries.

Given the challenges, threats and risks the world may pose for Turkey, remember how much our country always needs you.

Contribute to the advancement of our country and the other countries of the world.

Never stop being a shining Star for Truth, Justice and Equality.

While striving for all these noble goals, remember that you are a beloved member of Nesibe Aydın family.

Always keep in touch with your friends and with us.

When you move on to business life in the future, there might be circumstances where you will need to support each other. Always support and protect the Nesibe Aydın community at such times.

Have a safe and sound journey into a healthy, happy and successful future.


Nesibe Aydin Schools